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Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle Pilgrimage

Based on local walks centered around Oundle, the 43.5 mile Pilgrimage Route is made up largely of footpaths, byways and country lanes. It takes in beautiful rural countryside, interspersed by ancient villages with olde worlde pubs and medieval churches.

The main Pilgrimage Event begins on the second Saturday in August, to coincide with the Farmers Market in Oundle.

A Pilgrimage pack is available for £5 from Trek Kits in Oundle and contains a sponsorship form and a Pilgrims Passport to collect stamps en route; a certificate to mark the extent of their overall journey once completed.

A detailed guide is also available for £5.

Passport check point information will be found on the passports.

The Walking Route

The walking route is 43.5 miles in total and split into 6 phases, each detailed below. The Pilgrimage booklet contains full details of each phase.

The Family Route

A cut down version of the Pilgrimage designed as a family day out. Forget the XBox and playstations for a day and get some fresh air and exercise all for free!

The family route takes you along the banks of the river Nene to Cotterstock and then through to Ashton before returning  into Oundle, again along the river bank.

Why not take a picnic lunch and enjoy a great family day out.