Oundle Pilgrimage

Ashton to Polebrook – 8.2 miles

Phase 2

Oundle Pilgrimage

Polebrook to Titchmarsh – 9.9 miles

Phase 3

Oundle Pilgrimage

Titchmarsh to Oundle – 7.5 miles

Phase 4

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle to Fotheringhay – 8.8 miles

Phase 5

Oundle Pilgrimage

Fotheringhay to Oundle. – 7.6 miles

Phase 6

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle to Ashton 1.5 miles

Phase 1

Oundle Pilgrimage – Phase 2 – Ashton to Polebrook – 8.2 miles

Kings Arms Polebrook

Leaving Ashton, the path follows part of the Nene Way via Elmington Ranges to the old Polebrook Aerodrome Road which is now a byway; follow its course over the crossroads and beyond aerodrome monument to Hemmington; beyond the village is an egg farm where walkers will take the arable route on the right to Polebrook (inn). These routes are marked with scallop shells and yellow tape around the appropriate footpath signs.

Oundle Pilgrimage Phase 2

An 8.2 mile phase from Ashton to Polebrook via Hemmington