Oundle Pilgrimage

Polebrook to Titchmarsh – 9.9 miles

Phase 3

Oundle Pilgrimage

Titchmarsh to Oundle – 7.5 miles

Phase 4

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle to Fotheringhay – 8.8 miles
Phase 5

Oundle Pilgrimage

Fotheringhay to Oundle. – 7.6 miles
Phase 6

Oundle Pilgrimage

Oundle to Ashton 1.5 miles

Phase 1

Oundle Pilgrimage

Ashton to Polebrook – 8.2 miles

Phase 2

Oundle Pilgrimage Phase 3 – Polebrook to Titchmarsh – 9.9 miles

barnwell manor oundle pilgrimage robin moore

Barnwell Manor

The previous home of the Duke of Gloucester. This is the view from the Pilgrimage walk.
Leaving the King’s Arms, the route continues along farm tracks to Armston and Barnwell (inn) where it later rejoins the road to St James Church at Thurning (pilgrims can obtain a Camino Passport Stamp here); then continue another 2 miles to Clopton. There are several ways of reaching Titchmarsh (inns).
9.9 miles from Polebrook to Titchmarsh going through Barnwell, Thurning and Clopton